Industry I (6/12; 1330-1500)

  • Mr. Shaobin Wang (Imsight Medical Technology) Deep Learning-based CTV and OARs delineation in Cancer Radiotherapy, 25 minutes)
  • Dr. Lingyun Huang (Ping An Technology) Towards Fast Screening and Precision Medical Image Analysis: Practices at Ping An Technology, (25 minutes)
  • Paper: A Data-driven Clinical Decision Support System for Acute Cornoary Syndrome Patient Similarity (15 minutes)
  • Paper: The Dr-KGQA System for Automatically Answering Medication Related Questions in Chinese (15 minutes)

Industry II (6/12; 1530-1700)

  • Ms. Mingqian Liu (Winning Health Technology Group ) Experiencing the transition and practice of clinically applicable machine learning solution, (25 minutes)
  • Dr. Jing Huang (Veracyte Inc. USA) Improve Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (UIP) Identification with Machine Learning and Sequencing: Challenges and Solutions, (25 minutes)
  • Dr. Xiang Li (Ping An Health Technology) Integrating Knowledge and Data for AI-enabled Healthcare (25 minutes)