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Translational Health Informatics from Risk Prediction Modeling to Risk Assessment Service

Organizers: Jing Mei (IBM Research China), Eryu Xia (IBM Research China), Enliang Xu (IBM Research China), Bibo Hao (IBM Research China), Suijun Tong (IBM Research China), Shaochun Li (IBM Research)

Title: Translational Health Informatics from Risk Prediction Modeling

Abstract: This tutorial will focus on the issues when utilizing new scientific discoveries in healthcare, especially in the era of Artificial Intelligence, moving from bench to bedside, on to communities and finally to the population. Instructors will firstly give an overview of translational health informatics from risk prediction modeling to risk assessment service, and introduce the pipeline of risk prediction modelling with hands-on, then deep dive to key steps along the translational journey, for addressing real-life problems such as risk model adaption and localization, dealing with unobservable features when applying risk models, and bridging the gap from a risk score to intervention plan.

Speakers: Jing Mei, Bibo Hao, Yuan Zhang, Enliang Xu, Yiqin Yu, Shaochun Li

Date/Time: 13:30 – 17:00 on Tuesday June 11th

Learning Health Systems

Organizers: Georgina Moulton (University of Manchester), Paul Taylor (University College London)

Summary: Learning Health Systems (LHS) continually improve by collecting data, analysing it and using the results to drive organisational improvements. As the amount and complexity of big data continues to increase, we need to develop new ways to analyse it. Drawing on leading UK Learning Health System programmes such as Connected Health Cities (CHC) and the East London Discovery Project , as well as other uses of routinely collected data, we will discuss the main challenges with the implementation of a LHS.
The topics covered in this tutorial include: learning health systems, routinely collected data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and approaches to organisational change.
The tutorial will last three hours and will be structured in four sections: (1) an introduction to the concept of the LHS with key examples across the UK including CHC; (2) challenges working with health data for a LHS to drive quality improvement; (3) analytical approaches to analysing real world data; and (4) how to drive impact from the analysis. In each section there is an opportunity for the participants to discuss issues in each section as well as hear from the tutors who will draw on their own research and experiences.
This tutorial is aimed at those interested in understanding more about the different elements of a LHS. Attendees may come from a variety of backgrounds and no detailed statistical, mathematical or programming experience is required. The focus will be on understanding practical challenges involved in using routinely collected medical data for analysis through to supporting organisational change.

Date/Time: 13:30 – 17:00 on Tuesday June 11th